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No to hate speech

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@BarefootRara and @BestInventoryFX are two Twitter accounts belonging to the radicalized Pakistani Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam. They are used for cyberstalking purposes. A website was recently designed for being a centralized media base of the documentation available on-line, about these malevolent actions. Here below, is an introduction to its different sections. The present presentation is intended to provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and backlinks to the new platform.
BarefootRara & BestInventoryFX’s propaganda are countered by different websites used for debunking this alternative reality, for burying the defamation discourse and for revealing who is actually behind these handles. Indeed, they work as an efficient network of backlinks whose result is shown by SERP’s. This network mostly reaching France, Pakistan, USA, and Afghanistan, allows to contain any public media campaign, to prevent hate speech and harassment in pack.
BarefootRara frequently mentions her comitment on promoting a sustainable development through her entity « Rmala’s Projects » that she presents as a charitable NGO. However, this « organization » has no legal status, no employees, no volunteers and no achievements. The projects presented are those of other organizations. Actually, this is just a Facebook group for discussing about general topics. This is also a tool for collecting public donations directed to Ramla Akhtar’s personal account.

BarefootRara, a new website

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@BestInventoryFX, autopsy of a Pakistani impersonating & cyberstalking Twitter account – No to Hate-Speech, abuses & violences
@BestInventoryFX aim was to create a local distrust, family rifts and a public media campaign added to riots and violences from the Muslim resident community, especially the Pakistani expatriate one. After an initial limited “success”, it took less than two months to understand this enterprise failed, while getting no engagement.
@BestInventoryFX Twitter account logo as of February 11, 2022 There are six “followers” for @BestInventoryFX (Ramla Akhtar’s impersonating account). Three of them are accounts belonging to the cyberstalker. There is one Pakistani troll, one Quebec Far Right account and one French Far right account. None of them retweets or favorite @BestInventoryFX tweets.

@BestInventoryFX, autopsy of a Pakistani impersonating & cyberstalking Twitter account

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@BestInventoryFX, après un premier “succès” mitigé, n’obtenant plus aucun engagement, avait échoué en moins de 2 mois. Il a été détruit par le caractère outrancier de ses publications, la barrière linguistique, le fossé culturel, les leçons tirées de la vague terroriste de l’automne 2020 et les mesures prophylactiques efficaces de la contre-offensive lancée par la principale victime. Six mois après sa création, @BestInventoryFX est visiblement un compte Twitter en état de mort cérébrale.
@BestInventoryFX (Ramla Akhtar) est un échec flagrant si vous vous souvenez que @BestInventoryFX produit 4,4 tweets par jour, a mis 1 311 tweets en favoris et suit 374 comptes (dont presque tous les followers de Bernard Grua). Soyons clairs, le ratio 3/374 témoigne d’un compte en état de mort cérébrale.
@BestInventoryFX, autopsie compte Twitter pakistanais d’usurpation d’ide...

@BestInventoryFX, autopsie d’un compte Twitter pakistanais d’usurpation d’identité et de cyberharcèlement

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@BarefootRara photo de profil Twitter,Juillet 2020, Lili des Mohawks, sainte chrétienne, Kateri Tekakwitha.
En juillet 2021, le transfert de l’origine de ses attaques vers un nouveau compte d’usurpation d’identité @BestInventoryPR (qui est devenu @BetterInventory avant d’être nommé @BestInventoryFX) a permis au compte principal de Ramla Akhtar, rebaptisé @BarefootRara, de paraître plus social et plus attrayant. Le compte principal de Ramla Akhtar a gagné 95 abonnés en six mois. C’est tout de même un chiffre faible pour un compte vieux de 6 ans et demi ayant 20,7K publications.
@BarefootRara (Ramla Akhtar) a recours à des comptes anonymes ou usurpant l’identité d’une de ses cibles. Ses pseudonymes, ses noms et ses biographies changent fréquemment. Cela lui permet de produire des signalements répétés aux autorités pakistanaises et étrangères, comme si ses nombreuses dénonciations calomnieuses provenaient de plusieurs victimes: @BarefootRaRa, @BestInventoryFX, @BestInventoryPR, @GruaAbuseArkive, @CopingWithCovid, @BarefootRamster, @BarefootRamla, etc.

@BarefootRara, qui se cache derrière ce compte?

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Who is behind this anonymous cyber-stalking account, based in Pakistan?
Over the last three years, @BarefootRara, @BestInventoryFX, the Pakistani urban woman from Karachi, Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, oriented her life towards a massive cyberstalking on social media. She takes great care to hide her identity and real face while using stolen profiles pictures and numerous anonymous or impersonating accounts with frequently changing handles, names and bios.
The Pakistani 🇵🇰 @BarefootRara "profile picture" presented on her Twitter account by Ramla Akhtar (being also @BestInventoryPR) is for sale on Alamy and Getty Images. That means, it cannot be used for free. This is a Berber lady, from Morocco 🇲🇦, on her donkey, with a child. It was taken by the photographer Martin Harvey.

@BarefootRaRa, @BestInventoryFX, who is the Pakistani Twitter user, Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam ?

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Olga Leonidovna Ozerova (Extreme Travels in Russia) private conversations exposed by her Pakistani stalking partner – No to Hate-Speech, abuses & violences
Olga Leonidovna Ozerova (Extreme Travels in Russia) private conversations exposed by her Pakistani stalking partner – No to Hate-Speech, abuses & violences
Olga Leonidovna Ozerova (Extreme Travels in Russia) private conversations exposed by her Pakistani stalking partner – No to Hate-Speech, abuses & violences

Extreme Travels in Russia: Ozerova & Akhtar conversations

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