use washi tape to snazz up your gift wrapping

Gifts become more special and attracting by their wrapping style. Different style of DIY gift wrapping ideas for a different sized gifts . Choose gift wrapping idea from below collection according to gift-size, gift type and occasions.

Washi Tape - definitely not this much, but if you get a scrapbook then stuff to decorate it with maybe?

japanese masking tape: cute ideas! Could be adapted to do with patterned paper or fabrips.

washi tape ideas - check out the homemade, decorative twist ties!

Washi tape party garland from Paper Klip Design - via @babycenter #diy #partydecorations #washitape

10 washi tape craft ideas (craft trends)

One of the big craft trends right now is washi tape. Washi tape is a Japanese rice paper tape that comes in many different fun patterns and designs.

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