gold leafed C.S. Lewis quote in watercolor & floral

Courage, Dear Heart

A print of my original watercolor/pen & ink/gold leafed piece of one of the best C. Printed on HQ matte poster paper OR you have the option to print on Fine Art Textured Watercolo

c'est la guerre...

AH,AH,AH.A partir de maintenant, on va un peu moins rire

What if?

Stop asking yourself what if you can't do it, and instead as yourself what if you can? What if you can write a bestselling novel? What if you can accomplish your dream to be a published writer? If you're willing to work for it, you can.

Méchant Design

Oh baby baby it's a wild world. And I'll always remember you like a child girl - Cat Stevens

Typographie #1 : Du caractère et de l'inspiration | Blog du Webdesign

Typographie #1 : Du caractère et de l'inspiration

Here again we take your inspirational senses on a trip down text art and typography lane, we aim for you to be inspired by each of the poster and artwork designs featured here.

Dream Catcher #3, Office Print de la peinture aquarelle originale - art amérindien mur - décor et décoration pour la maison

Perfect dream catcher tattoo for Cort. Dream Catcher Print of Original Watercolor Painting - Native American wall art - Office decor and home decor