Binh Danh

Tirages sur feuilles grâce à la chlorophylle

Binh Danh, chlorophyll prints "In this series, I have recorded the images of the Vietnam War onto and into tropical plants.) the remnants of the Vietnam and American War live on forever in the Vietnamese landscape.

Binh Danh, Ambush in the Leaf #4, 2007. Chlorophyll print and resin. 17.5 x 13.5 inches

Binh Danh’s Amazing “Chlorophyll Prints”

staceythinx: “ Photographer Binh Danh makes prints on leaves using photosynthesis creating what he calls “chlorophyll prints”. Find out how his process works here.

Wang Qingsong, 'Follow me', 2003

Wang Qingsong, China, makes large, staged images that are printed in enormous sizes. His photograph China Mansion stretches to the length of 12 meters.

Veejay Villafranca, 'Creatures of habit'

“for the machine, because of the way it is built, can work only in a given direction, no matter who pulls its levers.” rudolf rocker – veejay villafranca - creatures of habit, a race

Hiroshi Sugimoto, 'Lightning Fields', 2009

"hiroshi sugimoto, untitled (lightning fields) 2008 // Hiroshi Sugimoto uses a Van De Graaff generator to apply an electrical charge directly onto his film.

Won Seoung Won, The Chaos Kitchen © Won Seoung Won 2010

korean artist Seoungwon Won introduction – c-printc-printc-printc-print

Neil Chowdhury, 'Burdens and Desires', 2011 © Neil Chowdhury

Neil Chowdhury - Waking from dreams of India 07

Dinh Q Le (Vietnam, b. 1968) 'Cambodia Splendour and Darkness' 2004 © Dinh Q Le

Dinh Q Le (Vietnam, b. 'Cambodia Splendour and Darkness' 2004 © Dinh Q Le

Koo Sung Soo, 'Magical Reality'

I’m surprised that I’ve not come across this Korean photographer but Koo Sung Soo’s Magical Reality really caught my eye. The series consists of images filled with brightly colored manmade “monuments” – fake Statues of Liberty, a karaoke room (aptly.

Masashi Ohata, 'Any'

TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“Any“) © Masashi Ohata Daily observations of life, light as a feather. Masashi Ohata trains his eye on familiar everyday scenes, imbuing them with a dream-like quality.

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