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Full Moon

Artificial Moon is a sculptural piece by Beijing-based artist Wang Yuyang constructed from hundreds of various compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Pikachu Lips!

PIKACHU LIPS Trend de la Creme - Trends in fashion, style, beauty, design, and popular culture.

The Beautiful Butt

Good things come in small packages. In 2006 artist Slinkachu started his Little People project, which definitely is among the good. The project involves th

A painting of a drawing done in crayons? Looks like things just got real.

Pakayla Biehn - Multiple-exposures as paintings, and other incredible photorealistic works by Pakayla Biehn.

It's lunch, it's dessert, no it's Lessert!  - Slider Cupcakes

cute and somewhat crazy cupcakes but i know i few people who would just love to have these for their birthday!

Delicious Colors.

Two of my favorite things: Ice cream and colour! But I'm pretty sure my third most favorite thing will not be in this: Amazing taste. You can't have it all