Architecture et lumiere

Quelques exemples d'architecture où la lumière apporte une nouvelle dimension aux espaces. Parfois, elle apporte une dimension fantastique, irréaliste ou…
19 Pins
a bed sitting in the middle of a room with yellow and black stripes on the walls
Ma Maison Idéale - Un habitat qui vous ressemble
an image of a chandelier that is hanging from the ceiling with lights on it
industrial exposed bulb cluster
a long dock leading to a building with lights on it's sides and water reflecting off the ground
... to idyllic serenity at the Conrad Hotel, Bali
the light shines brightly through an opening in a wall that appears to be curved
Peel Wall Light Looks Like Your Wall Is Peeling Off To Reveal Wonders Beneath | OhGizmo!
Superbe luminaire qui nous fait croire que le mur n'est qu'une illusion !
an empty room with many chairs and lights hanging from it's ceiling over the dining table
Tin | studio karhard®
Tin - Bar & Restaurant - Berlin, Germany - 2009.
an empty church with rows of pews in front of a cross on the wall
Tadao Ando "Church of Light".
two photos side by side, one with water and the other with lights on it
Skateable Architecture: 13 Irresistibly Curvy Structures - WebUrbanist
Bâtiments sur lesquels on peut faire du skate board. l'illumination nocturne rend le tout complètement surréaliste !
an upward view of the top of a tall building at night with light coming from below
architecture - melissa brawner
L'empire state building par une nuit brumeuse.
a house on top of a hill at night with windows lit up in the sky
Point de vue dramatique nocturne des Fogo Island Studios par Saunders Architecture.
the house is lit up at night with its lights on and grass in front of it
Gallery of Home-Office in Formentera Island / Marià Castelló Martínez - 9
Point de vue nocturne et mise en valeur par la lumière. Marià Castelló Martínez, Home-Office sur l'île Formentera.
a painting of a carpet in the middle of a forest with string lights hanging from it's sides
Covetosity: Art & Other Idol Worship + Jeremy Mangan.
Un jardin nocturne par Jeremy Mangan.
some lights that are in the grass near trees and bushes with plants growing out of them
Eden project night - Londres.
two white buildings sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to a building at night
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art / Steven Holl Architects
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art par Steven Holl. Promenade le long des boites illuminées.
the inside of a wooden structure with lots of windows and wood slats on it
Güiro | Los Carpinteros
Architecture temporaire "Güiro - Art Basel Miami Beach 2012".