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Quelques idées pour optimiser votre aménagement ! Des trucs et astuces à voler et utiliser sans modération !
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a washer and dryer in a bathroom next to each other
laundry baskets under the washer and dryer
there are pictures of kitchen cabinets with pots and pans hanging from the racks in them
When it comes for order in the kitchen usually all of us are trying to keep it in the highest level. But when you have a good organisation for all stuff in
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use it's cleaning supplies in
Utility Organizer Cabinet - Traditional - Kitchen - by MasterBrand Cabinets | Houzz
great idea!!!
there are many different tools hanging on the wall in this shed, including shovels and rakes
Organizing Garden Tools with PVC
Organizing Garden Tools with PVC - <3 this idea!
two washers are stacked on top of each other
Well this just makes LOADS of sense! this would be perfect for a laundry room!
an attic kitchen with white walls and wooden floors
NameBright - Domain Expired
Small Space Decorating | Furniture for Small Spaces | Storage for Small Spaces I great desk idea
there are many wine bottles on the wall
Watergate Apartment / Robert Gurney Architect
modern wine cellar
an electrical outlet plugged into a wall with green wires attached to the outlet and two white outlets connected to each other
9GAG - Best Funny Memes and Breaking News
the bathroom is clean and ready to be used as a bathtub or shower stall
Marie Claire Maison
I easily gave up the idea of a tub to save space but now I don't have to, shower on top, bath under neath, same drain! I'm in love!
a woman standing in front of a window talking on her cell phone while looking into the mirror
Extraordinaire, le balcon rétractable !
two pictures of a bathtub in the snow with candles on it and an open magazine
Ah ce qu'on est bien dans son bain !
a wooden crate filled with lots of different types of apples on top of a deck
Vegetable Rack with Slide Out Trays
Parfait pour ranger les fruits et légumes tous frais du marché !
an open drawer in the corner of a kitchen with clothes on it and a window
Gallery 1 — Stay Organized
Besoin de faire sécher quelque chose ?
there are two pictures of different bathroom items in the same photo, one is open and the other has drawers
Alors là, c'est vrai qu'il fallait vraiment y penser !
an image of a kitchen with cabinets and a washer dryer in the middle
75 Traditional Home Design | Houzz Ideas You'll Love - May, 2024
Parfait pour faire sécher votre linge dans la buanderie !
a white refrigerator freezer sitting inside of a kitchen next to a pantry filled with food
Reader Space: Secret Storage
Vous n'avez que quelques centimètres de trop dans votre cuisine. Faites-en un garde-manger mobile !
a kitchen with brown cabinets and blue arrows pointing to the left
Une bonne idée. Envoyer directement les déchets et les ordures à recycler vers le garage !
a woman standing in front of a wall with an art piece hanging from it's side
A la fois table et tableau !
a shelf that has some jars on it
Utilisation de briques creuses à motif pour supporter l'étagère. On peut bien sûr en superposer d'autres à souhaits !
an image of a water faucet that makes hot water look red and cold
Selon la température de l'eau, les LED changent la couleur de votre eau.
an empty room with multiple pictures on the wall and carpeted flooring in front of it
Si vous collectionnez les œuvres d'art ou si vous êtes un artiste en herbe, pour votre showroom ou votre atelier, voilà comment ranger ses œuvres d'art !
an instagram photo of a kitchen with plants growing on the wall and appliances in the background
Tuesday Things.
Mur d'herbes dans la cuisine pour agrémenter vos plats sans devoir aller cueillir vos herbes dans le jardin !
the hidden jewelry closet behind a full length mirror
75 Closet Ideas You'll Love - May, 2024
Une boite à bijoux cachée derrière un miroir toute hauteur.
the bathroom is clean and ready to be used by customers for their own cleaning products
Economisez l'espace au sol de votre buanderie en triant le linge directement au mur ! L'idéal pour une mini-buanderie.
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place in front of a large window
Ned Hardy - The Amazing World Of Animals
Une magnifique pièce avec une baie vitrée qui s'ouvre comme une porte de garage sur toute la largeur.
a kitchen with white cabinets and red place mats on the countertop is featured in this ad
Kids Are Suffering Worldwide From Ongoing Pandemic
Une table à diner qui disparait et apparait selon vos souhaits.