Le recyclage dans l'architecture

Quand le recyclage se fait architecture...
36 Pins
a kitchen floor covered in colorful tiles
Fabulös inspiration: Fredagsmyset Dans une salle de bain!
a woman standing in the window of an old house that is being renovated into apartments
A Couple Leaves their Jobs to Build a House of Windows in the Mountains of West Virginia — Colossal
A Couple Leaves their Jobs to Build a House of Windows in the Mountains of West Virginia windows glass architecture
an outdoor walkway made out of glass bottles and logs in the middle of a garden
Minden út a kertbe(n) vezet
Wine Bottle Garden Path
a green boat sitting on top of a lush green field
Une barque transformée pour le jardin.
a building made out of bottle caps in the middle of some bushes and trees with green leaves around it
Utilisez vos bouteilles en verre pour construire une nouvelle maison artistique !
two pictures one is made out of books and the other has an image of a house
10 Gorgeous Buildings Made Out of Books
Janet Cardiff et George Bures Miller ont construit cette petite maison à partir de millier de livres recyclés !
an empty room with tiled walls and doors
Parois incluant des bouteilles recyclées.
a small building made out of bottles in the middle of a parking lot at night
raumlaborberlin: officina roma
Maison recyclée.
two children playing in an outdoor play area with circles on the wall and people walking around
House Built from Tires Part Two- (and TEN other recycled uses for them)
Une bonne manière de recycler ses pneus !
two people standing in the doorway of a house made out of pipes
Une maison faite de 100% de matériaux recyclés.
a person standing in front of a building with colorful tiles on it's side
Russian woman covers house in 30,000 bottle caps.
Une femme Russe a recouvert sa maison de 30.000 capsules de bouteille ! Un recyclage esthétique. Pourquoi pas vous ? DIY.
a wall that has some plants growing out of bottles on it and hanging from the side
This Family Home Is Two Tiny Houses Connected by a Sunroom
Utilisation de bouteilles de soda en plastique pour en faire des bacs à fleurs.
a bed sitting in the middle of a room next to an open window with lots of bottles on it
Maison réalisée à partir de bouteilles en plastique recyclées.
many different colored glass bottles are arranged in the shape of a wall with lights coming from them
Utilisation de bouteilles en verre pour laisser passer la lumière dans ce mur ! Efficace, original et coloré !