Goccia- Gessi

Goccia- Gessi There are many occasions I wish I didn't live in New Zealand.

Gessi Goccia range...love

Designed by Prospero Result, Gessi Goccia Kitchen Faucet features a dining table with an integrated water faucet and sink.

Miscelatore 38512 cromo by Gessi  http://www.keihome.it/elettrodomestici/miscelatori/miscelatore-38512-cromo-gessi/5721/

I-Spa monobloc mixer - no insert, I-Spa monobloc mixer - Holloways of Ludlow

Gessi products

Gessi is the design manufacturer of luxury bath and kitchen faucets, showers system and electronically operated taps. Over 20 Years Experience, Made in Italy.

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