Upcycling Out of Baby Foot

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http://www.supreme.fr/catalogsearch/result/?q=stick Baby, Upcycling, Pencil Skirt
a plastic figurine is standing on top of a black bottle opener with a white shirt and black shorts
Décapsuleur Baby Foot Blanc. http://www.supreme.fr/deco-luminaires/decoration/divers/decapsuleur-baby-foot-blanc.html
a bottle opener with a soccer player on it's head and a black ring around the neck
Décapsuleur Baby Foot Jaune http://www.supreme.fr/deco-luminaires/decoration/divers/decapsuleur-baby-foot-bleu-15218.html
a plastic figurine hanging from a hook
Décapsuleur Baby Foot Rouge http://www.supreme.fr/deco-luminaires/decoration/divers/decapsuleur-baby-foot-rouge.html
a plastic figurine is holding onto a black bottle opener with a blue shirt and white shorts on it
Décapsuleur Baby Foot Bleu http://www.supreme.fr/deco-luminaires/decoration/divers/decapsuleur-baby-foot-bleu.html
two lamps that are on top of each other with wires attached to the bases and plugged in
Sustainable Memories by Resign | Yatzer
Football light http://www.supreme.fr/catalogsearch/result/?q=M10