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La fille du week-end Hanna Sorheim par Olivia Frolich

Seriously the crush I have on this girl is getting bad. I need her in my life. MY PERFECT WOMAN and I can't have her. Life is so unfair

Kristen Stewart from The Big Picture: Today's Hot Photos

KRISTEN STEWART Working the sexy-incognito angle while on a film-fest promo mission for On the Road, the Twilight stunner makes her way through Pearson airport in Toronto.

Romy Schneider on of the most beautiful screen actresses. She would have looked stunning with #amazinggrace lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury. #matterevolution

Romy Schneider: A Tribute to an Unforgettable Actress

Romy Schneider on the set of "La Piscine" ("The Swimming pool") by Jacques Deray, in Ramatuelle, August Photo by Jean-Pierre Bonnotte / Gamma-Rapho.

Romy Schneider as Sissi (1, 1955), in the blue dress at the engagement ball.

Because I grew up with Prinsess Sissi.Romy Schneider as Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sissi).


Romy Schneider - Austrian-born actress and muse to Orson Welles who shot to fame via the Sissi trilogy, on the Riviera


Romy Schneider finally a picture of her! Everyone in Germany said: ahhhhhhhhh yes.Romy like Romy Schneider