Leather was always a sexy fashion statement! Check out this picture of Brigitte Bardot!

Bridget Bardot Leather was always a sexy fashion statement! Check out this picture of Brigitte Bardot!

Brigitte Bardot ~ Personnages

kate moss as brigitte bardot. Brigitte Bardot is one of Kate Moss' style idols, again there is an undeniable resemblance between the two.

Brigitte Bardot with a coffee.

Brigitte Bardot with a coffee…. Terrific Brigitte Bardot with a coffee. The post Brigitte Bardot with a coffee…. appeared first on Hairstyles .

Kind of like stepping into some enchanted land… overhearing some incredible secret….the confirmation of some wonderful truth….whispered on a breeze, drifting from sweet dew drops into a misty daze…then disappearing into a brand new day. -VB

forehead kisses over any other kisses. // this picture reminds me of you. i miss your stupid forehead kisses and your lingering hugs.

Ms. C

Im not perfect , nor am I very pretty Im not a picture you can paint or take out for my pity But I do know how to fall in love , in eyes, in heart , in smiles Ill fall for you anytime to be more than worth your while

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* the boy from my dream * je t'daire * kyle carl junquera *&+ he is peace *&* i am love * together we are infinity * 8 broken, into, faith, made, into, dreams, awakening, in the sunlight, crying, for, him *&+*&* bc, i am his adore * ♥♡♥ * his embrace, is, my heart * ♡ * +

I love kissing. And I just adore black and white kiss photos. Now I am no fool, I know the images below are just fabrications of romantic i.

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Here's your forehead kiss. I love you and I hope you have very sweet dreams and that you sleep very well. I can't wait to call and ask your big momma if I can come see you Tuesday. I love you and miss you.