Beautiful fine jewelry line AVAILABLE at "Bleu comme le ciel" ---------------- Frédérique Dessemond is GINETTE NY designer. Definitely contemporary, chic and sensual, the brand offers a unique take on fine jewelry. GINETTE NY stands for an old French name associated with the modernity of NY initials. The brand takes its inspiration from the past and mixes it with trends seen in the busy NY streets to achieve elegant and modern designs.
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Voici une petite accumulation de bagues Ginette NY ! La bague Ginette Disc or rose et plaque en onyx, la bague Gold Strip ouverte, et la bag...

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Aujourd'hui on va parler de mon basique préféré: le T-shirt! Un armoire digne de ce nom devrait toujours en contenir un nombre honorable. Mais pourquoi

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Women's Metallic Mini Circle Necklace