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a book cover with the title liberons - nous des chanes du traval et de la consumation
Editions Les Liens qui Libèrent
#lecture #économie #travail #consommation
the book les quatre accords tolteques
Quatre Accords Toltèques
Les Quatre accords Toltèques // Don Miguel Ruiz
the front cover of an article in french, titled le chez soi une dyssee de l'espace domestice
Chez soi - Éditions Zones
Chez soi // Mona Chollet // Ed. Zones
there is a large group of people riding an escalator in front of a sign
Le travail, non merci !
Le travail, non merci ! // Camille Dorival // Ed. Les Petits Matins
a cookbook on how to prepare meals in jars and mason jars, with instructions
Je prépare mes repas à l'avance - 50 mélanges secs à réhydrater
Je prépare mes repas à l'avance 50 mélanges secs à réhydrater - Amandine Geers et Olivier Degorce - Coll Facile & Bio - Editions Terre vivante
a book with pictures of cats, dogs and kittens on it's cover
Soins naturels pour chiens et chats - Hygiène, alimentation, santé
Hygiène, alimentation, santé au naturel pour chats et chiens.
a book cover with an image of two people laying on the ground and one person standing up
Voir son steak comme un animal mort.
Voir son steak comme un animal mort - Véganisme et psychologie morale
a bar of soap sitting on top of a wooden table next to an orange slice
Je fabrique mes produits ménagers
Je fabrique mes produits ménagers, au naturel.
a poster with the names of four different languages in white on a green background, which reads
Éditions de l’Olivier
Faut-il manger les animaux ? // Jonathan Safran Foer // Editions de l'Olivier
an article in the french newspaper beaute fatale
Prospérité de la potiche
Mona Chollet - Beauté Fatale, les nouveaux visages de l'aliénation féminine
Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen Yoga, Yoga Photography, Yoga Fitness, Instagram, Meditation, Roman, Studio, Yoga Meditation, Yoga World
Yoga Girl®
Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen
a book cover with green and black letters on it, in the shape of question marks
Women In Clothes — womeninclothes.com
Woman in clothes
a book cover with the title wear no evil
Wear No Evil: How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe
Wear No Evil: How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe by Greta Eaga
a magazine cover with a woman standing on top of a white structure in the sky
Art of Attention
EXPLORE YOUR HIGHEST POSSIBILITIES, implores us to make a conscious choice to be of true service, in everything we do. Harlan Emil’s art in the desert proved to be the perfect craft in which to cultivate this understanding. From the book Art of Attention by Erica Jago and Elena Brower
a red book with the title a pukd life finding your path to perfect health
Anthropologie - Women's Clothing, Accessories & Home
A Pukka Life
the book cover for the life - changing magic of tidying up
TidyingUp.com, Home & Garden reviews
Une lecture surprenant, mais que je n'ai pas tellement appréciée !
the book cover for art - attention, featuring a woman's torso
Art of Attention
Art of Attention / Elena Brower and Erica Jago
a book cover with an image of a cat in a cage and the words peace de lessie pie on it
J’ai lu : Vivre vieux et gros de Leslie (et Michel) Plée.
Vivre Vieux et Gros / Leslie & Michel Plée
Zéro déchet - Béa Johnson Cuisine, Zero Waste, Eco Life, Zero Waste Lifestyle, Waste, Waste Free, Frugal
Zéro déchet - Béa Johnson
the book cover for way of the peaceful warrior by dan millman with an image of a person standing in front of a building
Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives
Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives by Dan Millman #Books #Inspiration