une maison avec sa propre chute d'eau , designed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 in rural southwestern Pennsylvania.

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright. Fallingwater or Kaufmann Residence is a house designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 in rural southwestern Pennsylvania, 43 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Les branches noueuses d'un «toile d'araignée 'arbre (ou un figuier étrangleur) dans un parc à Nanning, Guangxi, Chine

The knotted branches of a 'Spider's Web' tree (or a strangler fig) in a park in Nanning, Guangxi, ChinaPicture: Top Photo Corporation/REX

Incredible images of ice bubbles, Abraham Lake, Canada - 28 Jan 2013

Les endroits insolites du Canada que vous ignoriez surement

Ice bubbles, Abraham Lake, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Canada. The rare phenomenon occurs each winter in the man-made lake, as the plants on the lake bed release methane gas, which freezes as it comes closer to the cold lake surface.

femme en cage

asylum-art: “ A Towering Figure Enclosed Within a Glass Greenhouse by Susanne Ussing Susanne Ussing, ‘I Drivhuset’ (‘In the Greenhouse’), Ussing was a Danish artist and architect, with a special.