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L'illustration dans tous ses sens ! Peintures digitales, traditionnelles, avec les doigts, ... Réalisées par des artistes, dessinateurs, crayonneurs, ... Tout ce que j'aimerai en somme savoir dessiner ;) (The illustration in all its directions! Digital, traditional paintings, with fingers... Realized by artists, draftsmen, crayonneurs... All that I shall as a matter of fact like knowing how to draw)
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this isn't a tattoo but it has a similar theme to my idea. A beautiful sketch like this would be stunning. yes, love koi art and this style tattoo would be beautiful

Been very busy nowadays. Ok fine I'm playing a lot of Overwatch and I just can't stop.and then there's the witcher 3 expansion coming out I mean come on!

Art Inspiration: Cute Grumpy Cat Acrylic Painting "Goldfish & Cats" By Ochiyopi.

René Gruau

Will you just look at the elegant work of this master of fashion illustration, René Gruau who seems to be the litmus test for every fashion illustrator ever since…

Eva Vázquez

I post what I what I fancy. Lots of Art, Funny stuff, some Nudity. None of the art I post is my own ✌️💞🌻♥