calming cat [GIF]

Calming cat is a surprisingly calming cat.

gif animation colouring style ref

Fish Animation

I wish it would start raining.not selfishly,.grass, plants, & all the little critters are all the other magic that happens when it rains.

I really love this little animation

HitRecord: Joseph Gordon Levitt, perfectly rotoscoped in 89 frames by Carli Ihde, a published comic book artist, illustrator, and graphic designer with a great style. So much that I want to see an entire short movie done in this style.

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Dribbble - Hiking by Dennis Hoogstad


Samurai Animation by Jona Dinges

filbertgames: “ This is what happens when you unlock the true power of honey. Just don’t run out, or you may be joining your bear brethren in Valhalla. ” More Bear animations!

little cube strutting about like it owns the place. I will churn out silly animations, someone just try and stop me

Sunet Buildings

Building pop up animation

Daniel Moos and Jason Rayner.

eranhill: few last bts bits from the Panda Bear project i worked on with the out-of-this-world-amazing directors Sean and Isaiah of Encyclopedia Pictura. Character animation in these gifs by Daniel Moos and Jason Rayner.