Martial Arts

il n'y a pas de mauvais arts martiaux, seulement de mauvais pratiquants. Ce qui rend un art martial intéressant et éventuellement efficace, c'est la force de caractère et l'intensité d'entraînement de celui qui le pratique. (There are no bad martial arts, only no bad followers. What returns an interesting and possibly effective martial art, it is the strength of character and the intensity of training of the one who practises him.)
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Samurai in foul weather gear; coat and hat carrying the two swords katana and wakizashi in true samurai form


Japan Martial Arts - Kyudo, The way of the bow by Floris Leeuwenberg. S) Le Kyudo ou Art Martial de l'Arc est un des arts Martiaux du Kobudo.


Young man - Prince Okundaira - in formal haori. Hand-colored photo, Japan, by photographer Felice Beato.

Spread the love Mixed martial arts is a combat sport that includes the striking and grappling techniques that are mingled from a variety


Martial Art - A Way Of Life For a Dedicated Martial Artist, Martial Art is more than an Art, Sport or Combat for him it is the only way of life

Onna-Bugeisha, kenjutsu

The real life female samurai Tomoe Gozen. Japan is a nation with a strong history of female warriors, yet sadly so little fiction has been written on these fascinating ladies!