pour @funambul(in)e :)

Mustache mugs for morning coffee- so cute! Good for a gift to friends or for us!


Handsy ABC Art

Dance with me is an alphabet based on 26 choreographic micro-pieces. Long-exposure photography reveals each letter, invisible to the naked eye. Created by Amandine Alessandra, a freelance photographer and graphic designer based in London


Hibiscus are one of the most beautiful flowers on earth and just happens to be one of my favorites!

une bouteille à la mer

I will send someone a check in a messages bottle. I hope it gets to someone special and in need and starts a trend of paying it forward

Le numéro d'avril 2013 de Vogue Paris spécial Pérou  http://www.vogue.fr/mode/news-mode/articles/numero-avril-2013-vogue-paris-special-perou-mario-testino-isabeli-fontana/17965

Le numéro d'avril 2013 de Vogue Paris spécial Pérou

inca: isabeli fontana and aymeline valade by mario testino for vogue paris april 2013

cute...use glass soda or wine bottles as vases & hang.  use planter boxes or crates as shelves.  have pic nic type theme

inexpensive and eco way to decorate wedding reception: DIY hanging flower vases with old glass bottles. More cuteness!

Vibrant spring colour combination in the lanterns, combined with the floristry, sensational!

Paper lanterns are a top trend this season in events decor. Colored lanterns are fun & create a tranquil atmosphere. You can buy them at your local party supply store.