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Deer Tile

Deer - Art Tile in sage green matte by Carreaux Du Nord, USA {well executed and…

Art Nouveau- I love this door. The stained glass photo is a perfectly designed background.

That is a cool door.

Wooden Door with Wrought Iron Detail. wanna live in the house this door belongs on

Art Nouveau pewter bud vase supposedly by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, but more likely a more up-to-date artist made this vase based on Charles Rennie Mackintosh sketches or even just in his style. I didn't find this vase among his artworks. Mackintosh made few vases of tin, sometimes in combination with glass.

Vintage Art Nouveau Charles Rennie Mackintosh Pewter Bud / Flower Vase This is a favourite.

BirdsCeramic tileWhimsical handmade wall art home door DavisVachon, $68.00

BirdsCeramic tileWhimsical handmade wall art home door DavisVachon

A beautiful grouping of birds from Rookwood Tiles

A raven tile as well, (well, he is NOT alone) but he is gorgeous just the same