"Dasha Kirilova"

Dasha Kirilova: Slippers for toddler ^^

"Dasha Kirilova: Boots"

Boots for little boy by Dasha Kirilova These ar so cute!

"Puddle Ducky Boots"

Puddle Ducky Boots for Toddlers! EA skimped and didn’t give the babies some nice boots to wear… What self-respecting toddler goes out to play in the snow or rain in socks and/or sneakers!

"Dasha Kirilova: Boots"

Dasha Kirilova: Boots for little girls

Mommy’s Heels for your tots.

Presenting Mommy’s Heels for your tots. For most kids stealing these was as much apart of their childhood as tamagotchi’s, so now your toddler sims can have that same pleasure of driving their mom.

"Daddy’s Loafers"

Presenting Daddy’s Loafers! Much like the heels and their clack clack clack, few things were better than hearing the loud thunks Dad’s shoes made on a solid wood floor.

"Fuzzy Wuzzy Boots"

Hey look I did something. It’s not perfect but it’s something. With permission of traelia, I put that other texture from Seasons on the Puddle Ducky boots.

"Slippers 'Dogs'"

Slippers "Dogs" for toddlers

"Buckled Motorcycle Boots"

Buckled motorcycle boots for toddlers and kids by.

Palms for toddler.

Palms for toddler.