Best Ever Burger & Fry Seasoning ~ cup paprika cup salt cup garlic powder TBS Chili Powder 1 TBS Black pepper tsp celery salt TBS basil

This just sounds like a yummy recipe. Recipe For Friendship Soup Mix in a Jar - Your friends and family will love you for this! A soup mix in a jar recipe you can give out as gifts!

DIY Thai Coconut Curry With Shrimp Instant Noodles

Homemade Preserved Lemons

Looking for DIY Holiday Gifts? Make these easy and beautiful jars of homemade preserved lemons for a tasty and unique gift idea. Gift tags and recipe ideas included.

DIY : Des cadeaux de Noël faits maison… 10 cadeaux gourmands ! (tutos dedans)

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These are some pictures of a few very simple jar mixes I made for a food storage class I did quite a while ago. Kept forgetting to post the .

Razorback Pasta added into a Dry Soup in a Jar Mix to make "Woo Pig Soupie" to give to our friends. How to make Dry Soup Mix Directions with pictures.

Curried Lentil Soup Mix ~ Layer dried lentil and seasonings in a jar for an inexpensive gift. The recipe yields two jars of mix.