Les Bateaux de Bretagne

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a large black and white sail boat in the ocean
✅ Construit en 1896 à #Nantes, la capitale historique de la #Bretagne; basé depuis à Nantes, le #Belem est évidemment un navire breton.
a small sailboat floating on top of a body of water
#Bretagne #Finistere - 31 janvier à L'Ile-Tudy © Paul Kerrien @ http://toilapol.net - www.nhu.bzh/gallery/bateaux-bretagne
several small boats floating on top of a body of water
Portsall en Finistère sur côte nord de Bretagne - Photo Régis Cariou - www.nhu.bzh/gallery/bateaux-bretagne
there is a bike that is parked next to the fence and flowers in front of it
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Bretagne - https://www.nhu.bzh/gallery/cotes-bretagne/
a sailboat is sitting in the water at dusk with its reflection on the water
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Reflets de bateaux - www.nhu.bzh, un autre regard sur la Bretagne