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Circle Animal Logos With Tom Anders Watkins

Awesome Circle Animal Logos With Tom Anders Watkins - Great photos showing the inspirarion behind designing a logo

my cash logo design by Alex Tass

My Cash, financial advisory platform logo design

Logo design for My Cash, a financial advisory platform. Symbol is made from an m in the negative space forming an umbrella above the letter. Check out my logo-folio .

M Logo Concept by Nate Braxton

M Logo Concept

Working on a logo for a financial firm with a long history. Feedback welcome. Has anyone seen anything dangerously similar to this before? Unfortunately more specific details about this client can.

Cardinal Financial Branding by Bill S Kenney for Focus Lab

Cardinal Financial Branding

Working on a new branding project with yow. The shape is actually a super abstracted bird ( Cardinal ) head. See yow's previous dribbble shot to see the first version.

Blackwire by Alen Type08 Pavlovic


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Financial Japan | Logo Redesign on Behance

Logo redesign for Insurance company.Client : Financial JapanBusiness category : Insurance company of Japan Range of work : Logo redesign, Stationary (Business card, Envelope, and more).

'Moore Wrinn Financial' Logo by Daniel Bere

'Moore Wrinn Financial' Logo

'Moore Wrinn Financial' Logo by Daniel Bere

Financial Advice Maciej Nowak by Kamil Sadlo

Financial Advice Maciej Nowak

Atherton Capital by Adrian Nita

I really like the lion head insignia. It's a simple icon that the company could easily be identified by such as is the case for the Nike "swoosh" etc.

Brand Styles Refresh: Ulster Bank | RichardsDee

Ulster Bank tasked us with refreshing the overall look and feel and elevating the core banking sectors in a unique way.



Loan Mart Logo Wip 2 by Dennis Salvatier

Loan Mart Logo Wip 2

Loan Mart Logo Wip 2 by Dennis Salvatier

Global Partners by Alen Type08 Pavlovic

Global Partners

Global Partners by Alen Pavlovic


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