Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) Charlize Therron as Ravenna, the Evil Queen

CHARLIZE THERON as the Queen in the epic action-adventure 'Snow White and the Huntsman', the breatht.

Blanche neige Plus

Swarovski. L’éclat de Blanche-Neige

Eiko Ishioka, costume designed for Julia Roberts as the Queen in "Mirror Mirror" movie directed by Tarsem Singh, 2012

Les plus belles robes de princesse au cinéma

The wedding dress that Giselle wears in Enchanted weighed 45 pounds. A stunt double had to teach Amy Adams how to move in the dress. Adams described wearing the dress as “grueling”. I still say I want to wear this.

Catherine Deneuve en 70 photos 28

Les plus belles photos de Catherine Deneuve

The Film: Catherine Deneuve wearing the moon dress designed by Gitt Magrini for Jacques Demy's "Peau d’âne" ("Donkeyskin").

la reine

Fabulous wedding dress designed by the brilliant Eiko Ishioka for the Evil Queen (Julia Roberts) in Mirror Mirror.every costume in this film is stunning!