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Vincent Di Fate ‘50 in 50’ (2001). Image from The Science Fiction Art of Vincent Di Fate (2002)

Vincent Di Fate 50 in 50 Image from The Science Fiction Art of Vincent Di Fate by scifi_art

concept ships: MANCHU Monday

Remembering my childhood with fond memories of space, space ships, robots, and all things science fiction.

JOHN HARRISThe Welcome, Star Trek #15Gouache28.5″ x 19″

Here is another artist, John Harris. Harris is an American artist and his specialty is spaceships… BIG spaceships.

Captain Future (Summer 1942)

"Captain Future - Man of Tomorrow"

Sci Fi

Nach Tibet by Waldemar von Kazak (high-res version in comments)

Don’t need no damn spacesuit! Retro futurism back to the future tomorrow tomorrowland space spaceship planet planets starship stars starbase spaceport age sci-fi science fiction pulp martians BEM's alien aliens ray raygun blaster phaser

1962 … no space-suits needed! by x-ray delta one.

emerald planet and a space station

Be holy…as I am holy. Acting right. Not reacting. Acting. Taking a risk to look slow. Better to say right in time than wrong quick.

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Amazing Stories, c. 1935. Cover art by Leo Morey.

Amazing Stories, February 1935 cover art by Leo Morey.

Syd Mead

In illustrator Charles Schridde was commissioned by Motorola to imagine the future of the American home. Schridde obliged, and crafted not only memorable ad campaign, but an enduring source of retro-futurist inspiration for creatives of every stripe.