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Cuban cigars

I haven't smoked a cigar in YEARS. I used to LOOOOOOOVE them, but my husband doesn't smoke, and I stopped because of the health angle. But one cigar a year won't kill me, and I am having one on my damn birthday.

Yamaha XS650 dirt tracker by Jeff Palhegyi Design

Very well done street tracker. Definitely looks like it would be just as much at home on a track as the street. Yamaha dirt tracker by Jeff Palhegyi Design via BikeExif

73 yamaha 5

Allen Brotz displays his full line collection of 1973 Yamaha Enduro motorcycles in the Motorcycle Classics Ride and Show at the 2011 Road America Vintage Motorcycle Classic.

Rick Sieman:

Dont Ask Your Off-Road Dirt Bike Tech Questions Answered June : Dirtbike : Rick Sieman tackles off-road dirt bike questions in his June 2010 column.