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a white and blue air purificater sitting on top of a table
Images of Air touch by Rumi Li
an external hard drive attached to the back of a white computer case on a gray background
iF Design - SBP4K8
Battery pack
a blue and white mouse on a light blue surface with the word boo written in it
Oops . Mouse
Behance :: Для вас
a silver and black computer tower on a white background
a person holding an electronic device in their hand with the red dot award logo on it
The Learning Recorder For Blind Students
The Learning Recorder helps blind students take notes in class and understand information hierarchies to boost their autonomy and efficiency in learning. . . . . . #redDot #DesignConcept #RedDotDesignAward #gooddesign #education #designedby #GaoWeiting
two toothbrushes and an electric toothpaste holder
Spaceship Archives - leManoosh
Spaceship Archives - leManoosh