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an abstract photo of metal objects floating in the air
Latency of dynamics
This series of prints I made during my experimentation with code.I used several…
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two pictures of the same person jumping out of an exit sign to another person in front of them
LikeCOOL, COOLEST Gadget Magazine.
This is exit by Yuki Matsueda.
a close up of an electrical device on a wooden table with a phone in the background
Une rallonge USB pour le bureau
Une rallonge USB pour le bureau - Blog Deco Design
four different views of a laptop on a table with red light coming from the top and bottom
70s kids will remember this! - Yanko Design
Teased at CES back in June/July, the Ataribox home finally begins its pre-orders this Thursday, and I can’t wait. The device will have a custom AMD processor and run Linux, giving the Ataribox the capability of playing both classic Atari games and mid-tier PC titles. The Ataribox comes in two eye-catching finishes – a sleek glossed black with either a wood finish combination or an all glossed black look with red highlights.
an image of some glass objects on display
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At first glance, this might look like your average glassware, but set it in sunlight and you’ll reveal something special. Its 45 degree sloping bottom divides the glass in two triangular sections. When the glass cup is filled with water, the top section becomes a water prism that allows passing sunlight to project a rainbow on whatever surface it rests on.
a bridge that has some writing on it and people walking across the bridge at sunset
Rouge Framboise - Beauté, Santé, Cuisine Et Bien-être
É possível caber tanta saudade dentro de uma pessoa só???
a drawing of a person wearing a red hoodie with bubbles on it and water around them
MOLESKINE SKETCHES 6 on Behance, MOLESKINE SKETCHES 6 on Behance by Norio Fujikawa Character Design, Drawing, Illustrator
a hand is pointing at an object made out of plastic tubes and other colored objects
YD Handpicks: 10 inspiring works from A’ Design Awards 2016-17! - Yanko Design