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chocolate bar with the words'chocolat noir pati dessert '
Design graphique : acquisitions récentes
Cléo Charuet, 2011
a book with an orange, blue and brown design on the cover is shown in front of a white background
Design by Designers United
Flyer Goodness: Design by Designers United
an abstract black and white drawing with lines
Login - X Acceleration Codec
Jonathan Calugi
an advertisement for the jazz festival with yellow and black stripes on it's sides
Jazz Night Fest Flyer
Jazz Night Fest Flyer Template PSD, AI Illustrator. Download here:
three horizontal banners with different shapes and colors
Shanti Sparrow Graphic Design & Illustration
an image of some type of blue and white paper with different lines on the side
Prague School of Design Winter - Kulachek
multiple images of people sitting at a table with plates on it and the same person standing in front of them
Fivestar Branding Agency – Business Branding and Web Design for Small Business Owners
Pardo Cafe Branding and Packaging by Slavador Munca | Fivestar Branding Agency – Design and Branding Agency & Curated Inspiration Gallery
an open book with blue and red designs on the front, side, and back pages
Editions - La Graphiquerie - Affiches, Photographies, Oeuvres originales, Éditions, Cartes
Les Graphiquants (France) - édition unquoted sheets
an image of some type of art work
Beautiful identity work here
an open book with two pages on the same page, one is blue and the other is green
Index Projets - Graphistes Paris et Direction artistique
Couleur magnifique ! Les Graphiquants – Biennale Musique en Scene 2012: identity & collateral design
an array of blue and white business cards with different designs on the front, back and sides
Print Design image inspiration on Designspiration
Édition et mise en page - monochrome sérigraphie #layoutInspiration #book #serigraphy
three different types of letters and numbers are displayed on the pages of an open book
Jost Hochuli
Jost Hochuli (né en 1933) est un typographe et un graphiste suisse internationalement reconnu pour son travail de qualité et d’inventivité dans le domaine du design de livre. Après avoir étudié à l…
a book cover with an image of a hand making the peace sign in front of a spiral design
mundanal consumo
Concepción de Jean Michel Folon.
a magazine cover with two men running on the same page as they appear to be in mid - air
Digital Changes in Publication Design
Neville Brody and the Face
an advertisement for a concert with the name catharet voltaire on it's side
Cabaret Voltaire – Micro-Phonies: Neville Brody 1984
Neville Brody cover design