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an old fashioned typewriter with letters and numbers written in black on yellow paper next to each other
Penser la typographie en couleurs – 2c. Structure
A.M. Cassandre - Bifur (1929) Typographie/jaune/barre/noir/variété/unité/charte graphique
a black and white logo with the letter y on it
Advertising Times: Cassandre
the alphabet is made up of different types of letters and numbers, all in black and white
le site officiel de AM.Cassandre - Roland Mouron Ayant-droit AM.Cassandre
the font and numbers are black on blue paper with white polka doting around them
paper should not always be white by daniel berkley uppike, from the book
Paper Should Not Always Be White, by Daniel Berkeley Updike. Vancouver, BC: Heavenly Monkey, 2013. One of 30 copies. The text in the book is the fifth part from Updike's essay "The Seven Champions of Typography." In this section of the essay, Updike describes how the choice of paper influences the printing on it. In this book, Heavenly Monkey endeavors to visually demonstrate this by printing the passage in Caslon type on fifteen different varieties of paper.
the front cover of printing types their history forms and use, volume ii by daniel berkley updike
Printing types, their history, forms, and use; a study in survivals Volume 2
1. General history 3. Printing Printing Types: Their History Forms and Use - A Study in Survivals, Vol. 2: Daniel Berkeley Updike
an old book with the title roger's updike imprints for sale by
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an old book with the letters r and p in red on top of white paper
Poster letter designed by Bruce Rogers for Pelican Press, 1924 These display wood caps are a virtually forgotten type design by BR, his third after Montaigne and Centaur (not counting Riverside Caslon). I would love to see the whole font.
an old book with some type of writing on it
Bruce Rogers
an old book with letters and numbers on it
Ideas and Execution - Pencil to Pixel
Bruce Rogers originally designed Centaur for foundry setting, but later drew this somewhat altered version for the Monotype release in 1929
an old stamp with the words from the books of srr and s r shapiro
Ex libris by Bruce Rogers
an old book with some type of writing on the page and it's cover
Bruce Rogers and His Centaur | Harvard Magazine
The first book to be set in Bruce Rogers’s typeface Centaur was The Centaur, by Maurice de GuÈrin, in an edition hand set by Mrs. Rogers and published by the Montague Press in 1915.
an old book with some type of writing on it's page, including numbers and symbols
FREDERIC WILLIAM GOUDY. Goudy Heavy in metal type.
an old fashioned type of alphabet with numbers and letters on it's sides, including the
Frederic Goudy : Amostar dos tipos de impressão Goudy Old Style, 1915
an old book with black lettering on the front and back cover, which reads a novel type
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Frederic Goudy 1914. by Eye magazine, via Flickr - blog.eyemagazine.com