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team 7 and the Sannin

Team Hiruzen : Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru Team Kakashi: Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke Familiar isn't it?

Naruto Shippuden » Fanart » Collage | The Legendary Sannin and Their Students | #orochimaru #tsunade #jiraiya #sasuke #sakura #naruto

Next Three Legendary Shinobi - Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Jiraiya and their students Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto TEAM 7

Shelby Cobra

1962 Shelby Cobra took the AC “Ace” chassis, inserted a small block Ford engine and re-engineered the car to handle the additional power.

The Last: Naruto the Movie: Color Designs by Blueskys33.deviantart.com on @deviantART

After yesterday’s epic The Last: Naruto the Movie Trailer the thirst for Naruto’s 2014 big screen debut is greater than ever! The Last: Naruto the Movie: Color Designs

Obito, Kakashi. #gif

"Ol' fake friends cryin' cuz they know that they lost out // Cuz now I'm in this b**** and I'm totally bossed out"