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Dabbles of one-shots about BBS crew pairings. ---- P… #random #Random #amreading #books #wattpad

“ kyounlimited: “ thornsword: “ theartofwazzing: “ maria-ruta: “ bluetiesandflannelshirts: “ maria-ruta: “ hamburgergod: “ maria-ruta: “ schottishy: “ m-i-y-u-k-i-nyaa: “ daitoshi: “.

i love it when we just randomly get creative and though a bunch paint on our selfs lol

Image d'anime avec original moc single short hair tall image black hair looking at viewer smile brown eyes sitting barefoot hair over one eye arms up open pants male navel building (buildings) chair picture paint

Traduction FR : Je m'inquiète pour toi au point d'en mourir.

The worst part of all of it is even after you ruthlessly cut my heart out, humiliate me, and do things I've never even heard of someone doing to the person just a month ago you claimed you loved still, I still can't help but love you.