If you live in Vancouver, you are privileged to experience the thirteenth month here. I call her “June-uary”. Don’t get me wrong. I love the rain and I know September more than makes up for the lac…

Masonry Bees that are so integral to our ecosystem. Unlike honeybees or bumble bees, the Masonry Bee is a solitary bee. It has no queen or worker bees. They don’t produce honey or beeswax. Other than mating, their soul purpose is to pollinate.

Insect hotel:

Insect hotel @ Babylonstoren, I want to see the garden that these bees pollinate! (Apparently solitary bees are better pollinators than hive bees)

Keeping Mason Bees: 10 Expert Beekeeping Tips for Families

Honey bees aren't the only bees. Keeping Mason Bees: 10 Expert Beekeeping Tips for Families - ParentMap

Attract bees to your garden with this easy-to-make container

How to make a solitary bee hotel

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Sprung has finally sprung! And there is no better way to connect than getting elbow deep in some good clean dirt.

Mason Bees - don't sting, easty to care for, and can do the work of honey bees. Any backyard can raise these crucial pollenators.

Green Acre Radio: With honey bees in a state of horrifying collapse, bee enthusiasts (and those who enjoy eating) are turning to their friendlier cousin, the mason bee, for pollination help.