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a couch sitting next to a pool surrounded by trees and plants in a backyard area
a bath tub sitting next to two wooden stools in a white bathroom with beige towels hanging on the wall
two lemons are sitting on top of a table
a blue and grey towel with an airplane flying over the ocean on it's side
a bag sitting on top of a cement bench next to a cactus and potted plant
a blue and white towel hanging on the side of a black tiled wall next to a mirror
a pink and beige scarf on a white background
three brown towels hanging on a line in front of some trees and sand with grass
an outdoor pool with lounge chairs and trees in the backgrounge, next to it
an older woman is standing outside with her hands on her hips and holding a brown scarf over her shoulder
a woman standing in front of a tree with her back to the camera
Fringed bath towel pecan 100x150cm – Cachette Shop Interiors, Bath Towel
an old wooden stool with towels on it in front of a brick wall and stone steps
two towels are hanging on the wall next to a towel rack and faucet
a bath tub sitting next to a wooden stump in a white bathroom with a sink and mirror