Famous Archists Creations Posters – Fubiz™

Famous Archists Creations Posters

Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina has created 27 fantasy buildings that meld famous artists and the places where they might live. The serie is called Archist City. So creative!

Famous Archists Creations Posters-6

Famous Archists Creations Posters

Roy Lichtenstein in architectural form. Illustrator Federico Babina's Archist imagines artists as architecture, studying the influence contemporary art has on modern design. More from the series at our site.

Compact Portable House – Fubiz™

Built by Ábaton Arquitectura in , Spain with date Images by Juan Baraja. ÁBATON is proud to present its brand new Project Portable Home mt, sectional and for immediate placement.

First Inflatable Concert Hall – Fubiz™

Ark Nova inflatable concert hall by Arata Isozaki and Anish Kapoor Two years after a major earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, architect Arata Isozaki and artist Anish Kapoor have completed an inflatable mobile concert hall that will tour affected regions.

Famous Actor Inside Famous Houses_1

Famous Actor Inside Famous Houses

Flat Packed Cabin – Fubiz™

Flat Packed Cabin

allowing for easy transport fitting with a nomadic lifestyle, scottish studios trakke and uula jero have teamed up to develop the 'jero' flat pack yurt.

Zaha Hadid Cultural Center For Azerbaijan

Zaha Hadid Cultural Center For Azerbaijan

Heydar Aliyev cultural center in Baku, Azerbaijan was designed by zaha hadid architects and has recently been completed.


Concrete Church Architecture in Korea

leibal: “ RW Concrete Church is a minimalist house located in South Korea, designed by NAMELESS Architecture. RW Concrete Church is located in Byeollae, a newly developed district near northeast.

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