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Camille DailyMaussion
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Love the combo of photo and ink!

Nice reference for any further portrait photo shooting. Good reference for a business case competition. Possible to change the clothing to left-half-casual, right-half-business attire for a big visual impact.


I have always had a thing for crows, since I rescued one as a baby and raised him. I really want a crow tattoo. Crow Throughout history, the crow has been associated with both positive and negative symbolic meanings. The most common are:


"Future Husband" I should be friends with whoever first pinned this. Finally, someone else who has a thing for guys that look like lumberjacks.

insolite arc-en-ciel loriquet oiseau

A Rainbow Lorikeet, found in coastal regions across northern and eastern Australia.

Coussin Saint Jacques coquillages turquoise - Couci Coussin

The Coral and Shells Cream Nautical Throw Pillow from Pillow Décor will bring the ocean into your home. These throw pillows are made from genuine French tapestry.