Feast of Merit — Richmond, Melbourne

Feast of Merit — Richmond, Melbourne. kind-hearted restaurant celebrates the Indian people who party till there's nothing left. 2 minutes walk from our apartment The Richmond Club

bed and breakfast cafe style

Bed and Breakfast cafe style. Isn't it wonderful that mismatched chairs are in fashion and give such an eclectic mix to the atmosphere of the cafe.


Love this menu and merchandising idea. Marcus Gärde Restaurant Museet in Stockholm. They are made in brass and lasercut to fit for (A La Carte) and format (Drink Menu).

Restaurant Höst | Copenhagen

Restaurant Höst serves affordable fine Nordic food in central Copenhagen. Höst is the ninth in the row of Cofoco restaurants in Cop

Plants. Brainstorm other ways to integrate plants to the space. Maybe we need a greening lead?

Comment habiller un angle dans une pièce?

High Shelves for Plant Pots SLA - Amsterdam love the shelving! But with art not plants because that's a long way up there and those plants would not live long.I'm not climbing up there to water them: let's be honest

Botanic Kitchen restaurant by Kiwi & Pom, UK - Retailand Restaurant Design

Love this design, fresh and uplifting colours. Botanic Kitchen restaurant by Kiwi & Pom, UK - Retailand Restaurant Design

dustjacket attic: interior design

next time I`m back in London I`ll have to check out this place, Shoreditch House / London, United Kingdom

Chaises dépareillées : Mode d’emploi

Chaises dépareillées : Mode d'emploi