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funny face I love you.funny face i need you.you have the sweetest face i've ever seen.

Ma licorne n'a pas voulu démarrer

Sweat-désolée pour retard , ma licorne n'a pas voulu démarrer


for those who have stuck with harry until the very end. and then continued to wait hello! ~sassiest witch of her age~ Pottermore Member since Username:

image drole femme

I think it's not funny. It means that men don't have feelings and women have too much. EVERYBODY feels different things a day and it's totally okay WHY saying that a man has a day like that and a woman is always changing her feelings it makes no sense at

tellement vrai... Je me sens pas du tout concernée ...^^. Plus d'images drôles disponibles sur www.drolementvotre.com

Je me sens pas du tout concernée . So now a I hesitate between watching the "Lord of the Rigs" again or doing a puzzle"