Danseuse classique sur pointes dans une ville américaine.

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Black and White Photography is popular with journalists, designers and artists. Taking black and white Photographs is not as easy as the medium's simplicity indicates.

La Danse

Melissa Chapski photographed by Luis Pons In Capezio Pointe shoes and Camisole Empire Dress. She is so good and the dress is beautiful!

fond ecran disney

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Magnifique <3

En Pointe Sunset Ballerina on Bridge

Tant d'heures à s'entraîner pour faire rêver les gens, ne serait-ce qu'un instant.

For well over a hundred years, dancers in every part of the world have begun their ballet classes at the barre. From the first step into a ballet classroom, the dancer whether a pre dancer or a chi…

ORIGINAL crayon dessin 12 x 8 sur le livre blanc de la ballerine par Ewa Gawlik. par EwaGawlik sur Etsy https://www.etsy.com/fr/listing/211306518/original-crayon-dessin-12-x-8-sur-le

The basis is contour lines with depth added through solid shading blended into it as a subtle detail.

Dance ❤️ Plus

Dancer: Nardia Boodoo Skinny girls can be strong, precise dancers

tenue de danse moderne, ballerine

La tenue de danse moderne en 58 photos

* I wish to be a point, an essential landmark, a light brightening your steps on your road to give you confidence and lead you to success.

Les Danseurs de Cuba par Omar Robles (1)

Les Danseurs de Cuba par Omar Robles

Daniela Fabelo & Daniela Cabrera Breathtaking Photos Capture Cuba’s Legendary Ballerinas Dancing In The Streets

La Nuit des Etoiles est le rendez-vous à ne pas manquer pour la danse au plus haut niveau à Bruxelles ce 22/03.

Inspiring picture ballerina, ballet, beautiful, black and white, dance. Find the picture to your taste!


Went to the Royal Danish ballet school. It is so fun. (Pic not of me)

virus de la danse quand tu nous tiens

This is one of the cutest thing I have ever seen. I so want to do a picture like this with one of the little girls at the studio at some point!

Photographier des silhouettes - explications

Comment photographier une silhouette ?

Candice Sixter Play Yoga Twerk in the Pacific Ocean

La danseuse Brittany Cavaco dans les rues de New York

Omar Z. Robles, l'homme qui photographie les danseurs dans la rue

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return. - Leonardo da Vinci Photo by

Danse classique ! Épinglée par Stéphane de La WebBox #lawebbox #creationdeblog

photo by Mamuka Kikalishvili Photography.