Shiba Inu est beaucoup plus petit que l'Akita... on parle de 18 à 25 lbs pour un shiba et 55 lbs à 90lbs  pour l'akita !

Love and miss my Shi. I pray the Rainbow bridge leads to heaven so I can hug him again someday

@Eadie DeMarcus DeMarcus DeMarcus DeMarcus Monaghan it looks like Landon from camp.

Akita is a large breed of dog originating from the mountainous northern regions of Japan. There are two separate varieties of Akita: a Japanese strain, known as the "Akita Inu" or "Japanese Akita"

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Large, powerful and alert, the Akita is a working breed that originated in Japan. The breed's thick double coat can be any color including white, brindle or pinto. An Akita trademark is the plush tail that curls over its back.

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