Looking for MCR / Yup, I'm in love with fictional characters. What's wrong with that ?
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8 Students School Bus Conversion 0046

This is the adventurous story of how 8 students/friends converted an old school bus into a DIY luxury motorhome.

Aww, the boys are appreciating Mikasa, I like | Armin, Mikasa, and Eren | Shiganshina trio | SNK

aww, the boys with Mika - Armin Arlert / Mikasa Ackerman / Eren Jaeger // All rights to the owners

Boy hair...

I hate you Viria for creating older Nico with an undercut and tattoo I don’t even read the books anymore! And i have always been indifferent about Nico when i read the books. Stupid undercuts, tattoos and Italian boys.