C.A - Le K2 Altitude

15 Pins
the dining room is set up for an elegant dinner with silver and gold decorations on the tables
Le K2 Altitude - La Cima
an exercise room with treadmills and television
Le K2 Altitude - Fitness Area
a restaurant with many tables and chairs in it's center area, along with pictures on the walls
Le K2 Altitude - L'Altiplano
a large bathroom with two sinks and a bathtub
K2 Altitude - Bathroom
a living room filled with furniture and decor
Le K2 Altitude - Smoking Room
an outdoor patio with seating and fire pit
Le K2 Altitude - Base Kamp
there are many stuffed animals in the children's playroom with blue walls and white furniture
Le K2 Altitude - Kids Room
a bed room with a neatly made bed and a flat screen tv on the wall
Le K2 Altitude - Bedroom
a bar with lots of food on it and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling
Le K2 Altitude - Bar
a bedroom with red furniture and a large bed
Le K2 Altitude - Bedroom
a snow covered ski slope with houses on the side and mountains in the back ground
Le K2 Altitude - Exterior
a bedroom with two couches, chairs and a bed in the middle of it
Le K2 Altitude - Bedroom
an indoor swimming pool with chaise lounges next to it and stone pillars on either side
Le K2 Altitude - Swimming Pool
the entrance to an upscale hotel with red and black doors, furs hanging on the wall
Le K2 Altitude - Reception
a dining room filled with lots of furniture next to a fire place in a building
Le K2 Altitude - Le Montgomerie