Sérigraphie Fluo – L’école Bleuel, by Cecile Voyron

sérigraphie_paris_fluorescent_reliure NS: it is growing increasingly rare to see type this skilled and novel.

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50 typographies originales pour votre inspiration

The Orange Dot Gallery presents: ORIGIN LONDON I need to print this and hang it on my desk at work.

[Inspiration du Studio] - Pinte dessinée en typographie

“A pint of beer a day, Keeps the doctor away! i love how the the type fits into the shape of the beer cup. very nice color.

Une très belle série de créations typographique réalisées avec un pinceau. Ce lettering, haut en couleur, donne un sens aux créations simple de jeux de typ

For today's Typography Inspiration series I want to introduce you David Milan, a graphic designer and a lettering artist from Mexico.

We Are Designers... by Javi Bueno (creativity studio™)

Typography inspiration

Javi Bueno is graphic designer and illustrator based in Zaragoza, Spain. Part of being a designer is to be able to create your vision and ideas through any kind of mediums and variant styles.

Typographie #5 : Objets créatifs ! | Blog du Webdesign

Typographie #5 : Objets créatifs !

Paper Typography, by Gina Hollingsworth A typeface created from a single sheet of paper, with only cuts and folds. The process used to create the alphabet involved.

Numerografia / Wete  Le studio barcelonais Wete, spécialisé en créations typographiques, a conçu une suite de chiffres intitulée Numerografia pour le magazine Yorokobu.

Numerografia / Wete

Something really beautiful about these numbers. It’s probably because I’m a sucker for schematic drawings. They were designed for a Yorokobu magazine section called “Numerografía”. Designed by a Spanish designer who goes by the name of Wete.


Typographie Inspiration n°32 !

50 créations autour de la typographie et du graphisme - inspiration-typographie

50 créations autour de la typographie et du graphisme

Typography by Heerlen, Netherlands based designer and art director Fabian De Lange. Fabian has worked in different creative fields of design and collaborating with clients from various industries.

Typographie #1 : Du caractère et de l'inspiration                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Typographie #1 : Du caractère et de l'inspiration

Here again we take your inspirational senses on a trip down text art and typography lane, we aim for you to be inspired by each of the poster and artwork designs featured here.

50 créations autour de la typographie et du graphisme | BlogDuWebdesign

50 créations autour de la typographie et du graphisme

We put together different creations based on typography, posters and original projects. You will discover a combination of graphic styles that use typography, calligraphy and lettering in order to give you inspiration for your next creations, or simply ha