How to make glue gun cabochons using silicon moulds

Glue Gun Cabochons Tutorial- Do you have ny of the little silicon molds that you use with resin and clay? Don't have enough patience for clay baking or resin hardening? Just use your hot glue gun.

Bijoux de sac Liberty

Tassels and charms - so cute. You could sell these from home, website, FB, etc. My pins keep leading me to so many great items.


Ett moln som nyckelring

Even if you're not a fan of rainy days, this super-sweet leather rainy cloud key chain is something to smile about. In this tutorial you'll not only learn how to make a practical key chain with a.

J'adore!!! Tirette-poupette-broche

Cute and silly pins/brooches or pendants made from polymer clay and soda can pop tabs to look like little babushka dolls! (The site is in French, and does not actually include any instructions.

Boucles d'oreilles dorées avec motifs géométriques en cuir par Knock-on-wood

Les créations de Knock-on-wood

Présentoir à bracelets à partir de rouleaux vides.

DIY Paper Roll Jewelry Display - this would be great and easy to reinforce with paper mache and could even be covered in fabric.

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