J espere que c sa tetine perso parce que si c celle du bb euh comment vous dire que...

too innocent for this world. too Innocent for this world Dog Cute suck binky aww look at it sweety

Animaux + fleurs

Animals smelling flowers

"Take time to smell flowers!">> I'm sorry but that big albino tiger crouching down to smell those tiny flowers is the best!

The Helping Friend: The helper can be identified by four things: by protecting you when you are vulnerable, and likewise your wealth, being a refuge when you are afraid, and in various tasks providing double what is requested.

Como perros y Gatos, aquí fallo la equacion Like dogs and cats, equation fail

Sometimes it’s just the sound of the ocean… | 42 Reasons Dogs Will Always Be Better Than Cats

Sometimes it's just the sound of the ocean...

Les 9 aliments les plus toxiques pour votre chien

Dog Training Strategies For Novice Dog Trainers * To view further for this article, visit the image link.

2 motards s’arrêtent par hasard sur la route et trouvent quelque chose d’inhumain…

Ils ont bien fait et je soutiens les gens pour qu'ils fassent la même chose !

6 Million Dollar Pup Bionic Dog Her cuteness is so fast they had to slow it down to see it

Funny pictures about Slow Motion Joy. Oh, and cool pics about Slow Motion Joy. Also, Slow Motion Joy photos.

Oserez-vous abandonner votre animal après avoir vu ce message choc ?

Oserez-vous abandonner votre animal après avoir vu ce message choc ?

Love is everything - more at megacutie.co.uk

"We rescued an entire husky family from the pound today. I've never been happier.

Protection animale - Virtuel et réalité

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were desperately trying to stop your dog from doing something on the leash but they were too excited to listen?