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a cardboard box filled with white and black cloths on top of a hard wood floor
First project to come out of the she-shed : humongous fenders for #teamactualleader #tgif Next week Im making small stuff! Premier projet sorti de latelier: des pare-battages gigantesques pour @team_actual_leader #cestvendreditoutestpermis La semaine prochaine je fais des petits trucs.
a woman sitting on a chair in front of a sewing machine and smiling at the camera
La belle visite! @rayondesoleilmh est passée hier pour coudre des petits trucs un peu épais.
a blue table with a black and white bag on it
Its not a monolith its an extremely big 1x2 meter cutting mat. My work space just got so much better! Cest pas un monolithe cest un très grand tapis de coupe de 1x2m. Mon espace de travail saméliore tous les jours!
a large cardboard box sitting on the ground in front of a house with a door
Its a monolith! Un monolithe!
a machine that has some dots on it and is making something out of the paper
Dans mon atelier je peux dérouler le tissu sur ma table de coupe. #praticopratique #çachangelavie In the she-shed I can unroll unto the cutting table. #practical #lifechanging
a bed topped with lots of different colored sheets
[She-shed] Todays crafty bit comes to you curtesy of @hansenprintandtex and @mondialtissus (not sponsored). You see I dont have enough fabric to make curtains out of this fabulous no longer available cotton/linen base so I bought matching solids to frame and hem. Ive never been this excited about curtains ever. Its the first time you see me do home dec here enjoy its probably the last. #Ihatehomedecsewing [Atelier] Lépisode daujourdhui vous est présentée par @hansenprintandtex et @mondialtissus
a sign that is on top of a blue sheet with green leaves and the words i am not a fabric adder, i am investing in asset
First purchase entering the she-shed. Banana leafs coton lawn from @selvedgeandbolts Premier achat entrant dans latelier. Un linon de coton imprimé feuilles de bananes de chez @selvedgeandbolts
a sewing machine sitting on top of a white table in a room with hard wood floors
[She-shed] Its for real! Tomorrow Im in the office! Its very exciting ! [Atelier] Cest pour de vrai ! Demain je travaille dans mon nouvel atelier. Je suis trop énervée.
a pile of clothes and other items on a table
More sorting was done today. I have such great scraps! Jai trié encore aujourdhui. Jai de beaux restes.The eagle eye older seamstress will spot my little box of belt buckle kits from @afashionablestitch How are you doing? Long time no see!
an empty room with hard wood flooring and white paint on the walls is shown
[She-shed] Sing along! [Atelier] En chantant! I want some some energy The ultimate discovery Electric blue for me Never more to be free Electricity Nuclear and H E B Come fuels from the sea Wasted electricity I want some some energy Electricity All we need is to learn to save And if a man would throw away It doesn't change the city cost The alternative is only one The final source of energy Solar electricity Electricity electricity Electricity electricity Electricity Thanks OMD for the ear wor
the sewing machine is working on the blue fabric with white stitchs and two ends
Cest lEcosse ici! Its Scotland here! Je suis riche de mes clients. @axeltrehin #oceanrescue
the shelves are empty and ready to be used
[Atelier] Jattends toujours lélectricien ils sont rares et très occupés dans la région mais on continue à planifier des trucs des rangements surtout. [She-shed] Im still waiting for the electrician they are rare and super busy around here in the meantime we are planning stuff storage mostly.
a sewing machine with a ruler on it
Jai toujours su que ma machine était puissante mais de là à coudre ma règle! I knew my sewing machine was powerful but sewing through my ruler?!?
three plastic storage containers stacked on top of each other with labels attached to the lids
Packing up sorting identifying. I find it astounding that my sewing life has led me to meet eat and drink with these fine people. Cant wait to do that again! Jemballe je trie jidentifie. Je trouve fabuleux que ma vie de couturière ma permis de rencontrer boire et manger avec toutes ces personnes géniales. Jai trop hâte de le faire de nouveau. @republiqueduchiffon @cashmerette @iam_patterns @byhandlondon
a large body of water sitting on top of a lush green field next to the ocean
[Needlework by @mimidennett] How cool is that!