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projet de diplôme les Fleurs du Mal de Charles Baudelaire - Hind Mahmoudi (France)

Graduating project based upon the Charles Baudelaire’s volume of french poetry, Les Fleurs du Mal. A publication about beauty in graphic design and photography, and contradiction or fears related to the fact of creating, pursuit of an ideal of beauty.

Montage en noir et blanc avec l'utilisation d'une typographie italique qui donne un impression de romantisme.

I really love how this simple layout manages to generate an interesting interplay between images and type, making the narrative of the story more compelling and solid.


flatstudio: “ Nourished Journal One Single Edition: Ships late August Nourished Journal is a bi-annual lifestyle publication. The aim of Nourished Journal is not only to create an inspiring publication, but also to be a platform for readers and.