Vivement la saison des fraises !

cheesecake filled strawberries Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries: Easy Summer Dessert Recipe** Don't forget to make wise substitutions, various sweeteners; other than sugar, are offered on this board. Also, low fat cream cheese is an healthy option. Happy e

Simple, original et bon !

KAH says: il y a pas de recette, mais c'est simple. No recipe, but looks like canned breadstick dough, topped with prosciutto, twisted and brushed with oil or butter.

Cut cake layers using toothpicks and dental floss....

Cut a Cake Layer in Half

Really Useful Tips And Tricks unscented dental floss can be used to cut cakes & cooking tips guide

How To Cooking Heart Pie Pops

We love cake and we love hearts! These our on our Valentine's Baking List. heart pie pops: precious little pops, easy to make using pre-made pie crust. fill with anything!

Sweet Summer Popsicles!

Sweet Summer Popsicles!

Sucettes avec des chamallows et du chocolat pour Noël - La popotte de Manue

Sucettes avec des chamallows et du chocolat pour Noël - Blog de cuisine créative, recettes / popotte de Manue

I did this for my class! They were very good but we used milk chocolate!

Chocolate Dipped Apple Slices - I love this idea.

CANDY APPLE SLICES~ 4 large apples red or green, 1 pack of skewer sticks. Wash and cut apples into thick slices. Dip into candy. Great idea for Chocolate Covered apples, Red Candy apples, and Caramel apples!