Pots pour succulentes et cactus

Maybe I'll commission some polymer succulents! ( I know these are made from polymer clay, but I think they could be made from cake and icing).

joojoo Más

It's been a while that I wanted to use ombre technique in polymer clay and finally I did it for the first time in these new cacti a.

Cactus Necklace

Wear this cactus around your neck to inspire endurance, and to keep the desert close to your heart. Pendants are hand-formed in ceramic, glazed in bright, gloss

Paula Pindroh inspired cactus pots by MichelleShrimpton, via Flickr

Paula Pindroh inspired polymer clay cactus

Ever since I saw Paula Pindroh's cactus pots on Polymer Clay Daily i've wanted to have a go at them. I've had the tiny terracotta pots for years. What else do you do on a mini-heatwave Sunday?